The Best of Thailand in August

Thailand is a beautiful place that, much like its fellow South East Asian neighbors, abounds with rich arts and culture, historical sites, beautiful beaches, vibrant flavors, and unique experiences. Again, just like the other countries in the region, Thailand’s tropical weather brings a dry and wet season, and is quite humid throughout the year. Thailand’s offerings vary every month, considering the rainfall, monsoons, and holidays.

With this in mind, what are the best things to enjoy in Thailand in August?


Singing in the Rain

Right at the top of Thailand’s wet season, you will almost certainly experience rain if you visit in August. However, do not let this bother you too much – it is something you cannot do anything about.

The good thing is, though the rain will be torrential at times, it will not last very long and you will be able to enjoy plenty of sunshine after. The rains will not alleviate the high and humid temperatures, however (source).

Chiang Mai receives and the northern parts of the country receive the heaviest rainfall in August. It is also the wettest month for the west coast beaches like Phuket, Khao Lak and Krabi. Koh Chang and Koh Kood, it can even rain literally every day. The heavy rainfall can make it difficult to travel (source).

On the up side, Thailand’s Gulf Coast has a lower chance of rain in August, making the month a great time to visit islands in the area, including Ko Samui, Ko Phan Ngan, and Ko Tao (source). Take advantage of clear skies in Khanom, Hua Hin and Cha Am before the rain catches up in September (source).

The weather in Pattaya is pretty good in August too, and there is also plenty to do here even on rainy days. Pattaya is also quite near Bangkok, so you can easily retreat there for a day trip if you are staying at the capital (source).

Ultimately, if all else fails, there’s always a Plan B. While Thailand and most of South East Asia will be experiencing the rainy season in August, Indonesia’s Bali and Lombok beaches will be nice and sunny. You can sneak over there if Thailand is just too wet for your liking (source).

Perfect Thai-ming

If you’re willing to brave the rains, there are a variety of events and celebrations happening in Thailand in August that are truly not to be missed:

· The Queen’s Birth Anniversary

This is the main event in the country in August. It is a public holiday and is also submitted as Mother’s Day. Local celebrations will be happening all over Thailand (source).

The Thais really love their royalty. Queen Sirikit’s birthday is a nationwide celebration. It starts in the early morning with alms giving to the monks at practically every provincial hall in the country. Then this is followed by a traditional ceremony of releasing birds or fish. Government officials also hold a ceremony pledging allegiance to the monarchy.

In the evening, the night is lit up with a candlelight ceremony. Ratchadamnoen Avenue in the capital city, Bangkok, features portraits of the Queen. Performances are held and everything is capped with a spectacular fireworks display (source).

· Trang Cake Festival

Celebrated on August 7, the festival highlights the Trang people who are well known for making delicious delicacies. The tradition of making cakes dates back generations for the villagers of Ban Lam Phu Ra, who make cakes with the flavors of orange and coffee, among many others (source).

· Rambutan Fair

The August rains bring an abundance of fruits to Thailand. In Surat Thani, the rambutan fruit is showcased with the Rambutan Fair. Fun fact: The first rambutan tree was planted in 1926 in Surat Thani, and the fruit has been growing in the area ever since. During the annual fair, local products featuring rambutan are offered, floats adorned with the fruit and displayed, among other lively activities (source).

· Longan Festival

Another fruit celebrated in August is the longan. Celebrated in Lamphun, the annual festival aims to raise the income for local longan farmers. There are parades with elaborate displays, contests for the best longans, the Longan Beauty Queen pageant, stalls selling local produce, farming technology expos, and more – all related to the beloved longan (source).


Thailand in August is not to be missed. Be it the many creative festivals, from joining the nation in celebration the Queen’s birthday to interesting and delicious fruit festivals, there is much to celebrate in August.

Taking advantage of the perfect weather in the east while the rest of the region is wet and dreary is nothing short of magical. Come to think of it, you will certainly appreciate the warm, cheerful sun even more after you experience a day of torrential rain.

And, if it does rain on your parade – or your vacation – it never hurts to just let loose, throw your cares to the monsoon wind, and just frolick in the rain!

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