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With over 18,000 islands, Indonesia is the country with the most islands in the world and it is also the world’s largest archipelago, surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. With so many islands, Indonesia fittingly has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Too many beaches, too little time? Keep calm and read on to find out what are some of the best beaches in Indonesia.


Seas as Seen on CNN

CNN recently released a list of the world’s 100 best beaches in 2016. Highest ranking among the Indonesian beaches is Nihiwatu Beach in Sumba, at number 17 over all. CNN even goes as far as describing the beach as “the perfect beach.”

One of the best features of Nihiwatu is its remoteness – you will not have to be fighting for your patch of sand among dozens of other tourists (source).

Also on CNN’s best list is number 39, Canggu Beach in Bali. This beach is a haven for surfers with a variety of easy waves, serious breaks, and everything in between. The surf community vibe is strong here, with a laid-bach and unpretentious mood. Do not expect a beach party at night. Instead, use this time to get to know your community and the locals (source).

Rounding out the entries on CNN’s 100 best beaches in the world is Pulau Derawan at number 63. The waters of this island are rich with manta rays and green turtles, so be on the look out. The beach is remote and no-frills. You will surely have the chance to be one with nature here (source).

Surf and Turf from Beginners to Pros

Some of the gnarliest waves can be found in Indonesia. In fact, avid surfers flock to the country to catch their perfect wave. Swells come from south and southwest, so find a coastline facing this if you want an unlimited supply of waves – Bali, Lombok, Java, Sumatra, Flores, Sumbawa, Sumba, and Timor are among the surfing islands of Indonesia (source).

Bali has over 100 surf spots. You can try some of the most popular ones: Padang or Uluwatu, which is well known for its entry cave.

Check out the secret spot, The Desert Point – which is, paradoxically, one of the famous secret spots in Lombok (source).

Sumbawa, which is located east of Bali, offers a range of world class waves. The main surfing areas are West Sumbawa and Lakai (source).

For beginners, Kuta is the island’s first surfer’s beach, where American expatriate Robert Koke made a board and taught a few young locals how to surf. Kuta remains to be a great spot for new surfers, with small swells that are fun and not at all daunting. Even children can get in on the fun and learn to surf for the first time here! There are plenty of surfboards for rent and surf schools lining the beach (source).

Indonesia’s dry season is from June to September, and is also the peak season for the surfing crowd (source).

Finding Inner Peace in Indonesia

The beauty of Indonesia lends itself to peaceful meditation and mindful introspection. Visit Ubud, where various yoga retreats are offered, including Soul Shine Bali, which offers a full package of yoga classes, healthy food, and of course Indonesia’s incomparable view.

Fivelements is on the top of the list of best yoga retreat lists. It is a five-star resort that highlights natural architecture using bamboo and includes clases with master yogis, meditation sessions, a Balinese blessing ceremony, massage treatments, healing consultations, and more. You will surely unite the five elements here and find your center.

Wine Indo Dine

Indonesia’s islands have everything from the most remote, no frills beaches to the five star resorts. For the most luxurious beach experience, check out Nusa Dua, where The Westin Resort is located. It features the pristine white sand beach of Bali’s southern coast as well as all of the creature comforts one would expect of a five star hotel.

The exclusive Club Med on Bintan Island offers breath-taking beaches, as well as a world class golf course. Bintan Island offers luxury alongside the inherent richness of the natural surroundings, both blending seamlessly with each other. Club Med offers a private beach, giving you the ultimate getaway.

As promised, Indonesia really has the perfect beach for every kind of traveler – whether you feel like roughing it and really becoming in touch with nature, or if you want a laid back surfing session, if you want to find your inner self with a healthy yoga retreat, or if you are looking to enjoy a restful combination of luxury and nature.

Keep in mind that in most regions in Indonesia, the dry season is from May to September (source), so plan your trip accordingly so you get the most fun in the sun!

Did we miss out on your favorite beach in Indonesia? It’s not easy with over 18,000 islands to choose from! Let us know your favorites in the comments.

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